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Among the Diggers by George Dunderdale, 39pp, index, B&W illust., $11.00 Dunderdale remembers his lost summer in 1853 when he had two winters instead of one! The newly arrived goldseeker takes us on his journey around Victoria from 1853, including Bendigo, Waranga, and the Ovens. First published in 1896.

Bacchus Marsh and the Boer War by G.Davis, G.Hine, B. Manly, C. Stancliffe, 92pp, $18.00 . Includes information on the Boer War, Fred Reid, Straughton memorial and those who fought.

Ballarat & District Pioneers and Early Residents Directory: 1837-1856 144 pp, $30.00 A most sought after index. There are no previously published consolidated lists of Ballarat & district residents between 1837-1855. This list is one of the earliest for the area, and has been compiled from a variety of sources.

Ballarat Views by Dorothy Wickham, 48 pp, colour images, lively and entertaining text highlighting stories of this fascinating goldfields city. A pictorial history of the City of Ballarat, Victoria, Australia, including grand views, city buildings, Sebastopol, Ballarat East, Wendouree and Eureka include many beautiful and interesting photographs never before published. Ideal for postage overseas. ISBN978 1 876478 95 7

Bendigo’s Mining History 1851-1954 by James Lerk, 79pp, B&W Illust., index, $10.00 A history of gold and mining in Bendigo, as well as biographical sketches, including Robert Clark. Richard Pope, Ernst Mueller, Richard Abbott, etc. This book also outlines mining methods.

Bendigo’s Central Deborah Gold Mine and its Era, by James Lerk, $17.00, 156 pp, B & W illust, plans. A History of one of Bendigo’s most famous gold mines, including managers, biographical sketches, list of employees, etc. Bendigo’s Gold Mining Revival 1929-1954 by J. Lerk, $55.00, hardbound, 144pp, maps, beautiful B & W illustrations, detailed index Outlines goldmines of Bendigo, their history, location and workings.

Bullboar, Macaroni & Mineral Water: Spa Country's Swiss Italian Story (2nd edition) by Clare Gervasoni. 128pp, comprehensive index, many illustrations, $33.00. The story of the goldrush Italian speakers around Daylesford and Hepburn Springs

Carisbrook History Timeline Elaine Murphy, 60pp, B&W Illustrations, index, $11.00. This timeline dates from before the 1850s goldrush to 2007. Carisbrook was a pastoral and administrative district. The pioneers who settled at Carisbrook were Scottish, British, Irish, Chinese and European.

Castlemaine Petitions by Clare Gervasoni & D. Wickham. 16pp, $8.00 Over 400 names of petitioners are listed alphabetically. The petitions are for a municipality, and an anti-Chinese Residence Tax.

Court in the Act: Ballarat East Petty Sessions 1858-59 By Dorothy Wickham & Roy Huggins 40pp, B&W Illustrations, $8.50. Gives a brief outline of the Ballarat East Court system. Surname index with over 1100 names from the court of Petty Sessions Ballarat East. (Rate books began in 1859, one year after Petty Sessions Register.) One of the 1st lists of names for Ballarat East.

Deaths at Eureka by Dorothy Wickham, 64 pp, B&W, Illustrated, Indexed, $11.00 A Comprehensive list of Eureka deaths, including a description of Eureka and reinterpretation of some Eureka myths, such as the death of the Drummer Boy.

Deeper Leads: New Approaches to Victorian Goldfields History edited by Keir Reeves and David Nichols, 256pp, B/W & illust., index, special price $15.00. Ten others highlight often forgotten aspects of goldfields history. including women, Italian Speakers, Asylums, Tourism, Chinese, trade Unionism and much more. Authors include Andrew Brown-May, Cate Elkner, Lyndon Fraser, Warwick Frost, Clare Gervasoni, Jennifer Laing, Kevin Wong Hoy, Alan Mayne, Dolly MacKinnon, David Nichols, Andrew Reeves, Keir Reeves, Jonathon Sweet, Dorothy Wickham, Fiona Wheeler and Betty Weiler.

Directory & Bibliography of Swiss & Italian Pioneers in Australia, 2002 by Clare Gervasoni, 236pp, B&W illust., $40.00 This 5th edition of the index to Swiss and Italians in Australia and NZ is bigger and better than ever! Three sections with colour division: - family names, towns of origins, and ships.

Duty Nobly Done: ... Lest We Forget by Learmonth Historical Society $16.50, 92pp, photographic portraits, timeline, index. A booklet which offers a brief history of each soldier, nurse and chaplain remembered by the placement of a tree in the Avenue of Honour at Learmonth.

The Early History of Bacchus Marsh Schools, 178pp, $15.00 A history of the district’s schools, including photographs

The End of an Era by W. Perry, $18.00, 124pp, index. This publication deals with life in early Eaglehawk and Bendigo, including mining, early buildings, Lightning Hill, religion, school, old ways, the depression, etc.

Extending Mathematical Understanding (EMU)Early Years Specialist teacher manual Ann Gervasoni, B&W Illustrations.

Extending Mathematical Understanding (EMU)Middle Years Specialist teacher manual Ann Gervasoni, B&W Illustrations.

The Eureka Encyclopaedia by Justin Corfield, Dorothy Wickham, Clare Gervasoni.
Hardcover, $66.00, 560pp, photographic portraits, index. This lasting and significant contribution to the 150th anniversary of the Eureka stockade brings together over 2000 entries, including people, places, objects and themes connected with the 1854 uprising at Eureka. Biographical entries of all people known to be associated with Eureka include insurgents, judges, lawyers, soldiers, police, informers, politicians, friends and sympathisers. Based on over 20 years of research it is an important addition to book collection.Overall Winner of the Victorian Community History Awards 2005.

The Eureka Flag: Our Starry Banner, By Dorothy Wickham, Clare Gervasoni, Val D’Angri. $12.00. Everything you wanted to know about the Eureka Flag, its significance and its origins.

Exploring Ballarat’s Garden Heritage By Michael Taffe, 63pp, B&W/Colour illust., $22.00. Histories of Early Ballarat Gardens, including Ballarat Botanical Gardens, Loreto, St Patrick's College, Hymettus, Oaklands, etc

Family History Research in the Central Goldfields of Victoria by Dorothy Wickham, 122pp, B&W illust., Special price $15.00 (usually $22.00)
An invaluable guide to those researching family or local history in the Central Goldfields of Victoria. This comprehensive and easy to use book contains facts about the discovery of gold, sources, and locations of information, as well as a list of local societies and museums. Designed to help the researcher uncover new ways and sources to find that elusive ancestor or local area. Perfect bound, A5, Goldfields' Timeline, first discoverers of gold, map of area.

Freemasons on the Goldfields: Ballarat & District 1853 - 2013 by Dorothy Wickham, 256pp, full of beautiful colour illustrations, appendices and index, $49.50. This book traces the beginnings of Freemasonry, its establishment in Australia and Victoria and its spread to the goldfields. It outlines theexpansion and roles of lodges in Ballarat & District through charity, civic affairs and commerce. The appendices include a glossary of terms, symbolism, myths, histories of lodges Ballarat & District, orders in Freemasonry and a comprehensive timeline. ISBN 978 1 876478 8 96 (paperback)

Goulburn River Aboriginal Protectorate: A History of the Goulburn River Aborignal Protectorate Station at Murchison, Victoria, 1840-1853 by Ian D. Clark, 134pp, illustrated with index, bibliography and appendices.This book contains images rarely seen before. ISBN 978 1 876478 0 32

Hidden Ireland in Victoria by Val Noone, 215 pp, colour illustrations, comprehensive index, $55.00. This book is the first-ever overview of the history of the Irish language and Gaelic culture in Victoria. Beautifully presented the book discusses the songs, stories, poems, prayers and accents - as well as events and monuments - of those whose original language was Irish.

History of Ballarat & Some Ballarat Reminiscences By W.B. Withers, 336pp Facsimile Edition, B&W illustrations, large panoramic view-Ballarat, 1870, index, hardcover $66.00. This exciting account of Ballarat from its glorious golden era to 1870 was written in the memory of pioneers who lived through those ‘stirring times’. This history includes marvellous personal reminiscences, viewpoints and documents. Some Ballarat Reminiscences, written 25 years later, resulted from further research undertaken by Withers and complements his previous history.

History of Ballarat & Some Ballarat Reminiscences Numbered Limited Edition, 1/2 Leather Bound Facsimile Edition $150.00 Produced especially for collectors. A limited edition of 150, commemorating the 150th anniversary of the discovery of gold in Victoria. Withers’ amazing history beautifully presented for the true book lover. Withers’ amazing history beautifully presented for the true book lover.

History of Hepburn, By Andrea Ferrari, edited, compiled & indexed by Clare Gervasoni 36pp, B&W illust, $11.00. Sometime before 1903 the Swiss born Andrea Ferrari wrote his memories of the town that he chose as his home. A fascinating insight into this early multicultural community.

A History of the Holy Trinity Church of England, Bacchus Marsh by Betty Osborn, 53pp. B&W Illustrations, $13.50. Includes early days, the school, Simon memorial, centenary years, etc.

Irish Fortunes: Clarke and Russell Families in Creswick G.Clarke, 181pp, B&W, photos, indexed, $28.00. Family history of the Clarkes & Russells, including history of early Creswick, Cornish Relief Fund, 1912 Old Creswick Reunion, 1858 Petition to Create Creswick Municipality.

The Ashley Mining Index by Robert W. P. Ashley, 19 fiche, $125.00
Alphabetical index in four parts containing 18,864 records of names of Shareholders, Legal Managers, Witnesses to Signatures and Applications for Registration of Mining Companies in Victoria 1860 - 1864. The Ashley Mining Index is fully referenced and includes the location of mines, addresses, shares held, share values, capital of company, Mining Districts and Divisions.

Mt Alexander District Early Settlers and Residents Directory: 1837-1856 100pp, $28.00 Indexes the early settlers of the Mt Alexander district, including Castlemaine, Maldon and Newstead. This research directory enables readers to list their research interests in the Mt Alexander district.

Outbreak at Ballarat: Eureka from the Mount Alexander Mail By Clare.Gervasoni, 20pp, B&W Illust., $8.00. Eureka was of vital importance throughout Victoria. This previously unpublished account gives a fresh view as written for Castlemaine miners five days after the battle.

Passengers Who Sailed on Vessels Which Left the Port of Bristol for Port Phillip, Victoria 1841-1863 by Florence Chuk 169 pp, $28.00 Alphabetical listing of vessels, departure dates, masters names, etc., and an index of passengers including surname, vessel name, family groups and place of origin.

Piggoreet, Devil’s Kitchen and Melville’s Cave By J.G. Roberts, index, 28pp, Index, $5.00 Reproduction of material that appeared in the Ballarat Courier. Includes goldmining, pioneers, churches, fold out maps and more.

Saint Alipius: Ballarat’s First Church. The Early History by Dot Wickham, 84 pp, B & W illustrations & repros., Index, $11.00 History of Ballarat’s first Catholic church, including its role in the Eureka rebellion, early priests and teachers, as well as lists of pupils and priests. Early Ballarat map insert.

See How They Ring!: Travelling Bellringers on the Australasian Popular Stage by Anne Doggett and Gwyn Gillard, 243pp, b&W illustrations (many rare), comprehensive index. The pages of this book are filled with stories of travelling bellringers, their tours, tragedies and triumphs, bring glimpses of a forgotten lifestyle and reveal new insights into the popular culture of the day. This colourful world of entertainment is brought to life through personalities, music, spectacle and laughter

Shot in the Dark: A Pre-Eureka Incident 36pp, B&W Illustrations, $8.00 Over 500 names pre-Eureka (1854) taken from the petition for compensation for Hassell. A further insight into the Eureka Story.

The Silent City; A History of the Ballaarat general Cemeteries by Dorothy Wickham, 72 pp, B&W, colour Illus., Indexed, $22.00. Includes information on the old Cemetery, New Cemetery and the Cremetorium. Also lots of interesting facts about death and burials in Ballarat.

The Somerset Years by Florence Chuk 336pp, B/W Illust., Indexed, $38.50 Assisted immigrants from Somerset and Bristol 1839-1854. Comprehensive Index of passengers and vessels. Detailed descriptions of Emigration schemes.

Sonnets of William Little50pp, $12.00 William Little was Mayor of Ballarat from 1883-92 and he was in other community groups.Spuds, Saints and Scholars: Irish settlement & the development of Catholicity at Dunnstown by Dianne Cahir, 76pp, B&W illust., $28.00 A wonderful glimpse into a small rural town, especially the impact if its Irish settlers.

Story of Eureka by John Lynch, 43pp facsimile, index, $11.00 In 1895 Lynch, one of Lalor’s Captains at Eureka, wrote an account of the epic days at Ballarat in the 1850s.

The Story of the Browns and Scarsdale(Hardback) 173pp, Illustrated, $28.00. The 1912 jubilee souvenir history of the goldmining district of Browns and Scarsdale. Profusely illustrated with an index added

Swiss-Italian Family Research: A Guide to Tracing Archival Material Available in Switzerland by Italian Historical Society 16pp, $8.00. Suggestions and examples for genealogists researching Swiss and Italian ancestors, including examples of letters written in Italian.

William Little of Ballaarat Some Writings, prepared by F.A. Shade, 75pp, B & W illust., $15.00. A selection of works written by William Little regarding Ballarat and its history. William Little was the Mayor of Ballaarat in 1890.

Women of the Diggings: Ballarat 1854 by Dorothy Wickham 336pp, comprehensive index, $55.00. The first detailed account of the lives and roles of women on the Victorian Goldfields told from a woman's perspective. Remarkable and amazing stories of untild courage. Eureka in a brand new contect with over 1500 biographies.

Woady Yaloak H.S.Oral History Project: John Boyd. 38pp, index, $5.00 John Boyd was born at Smythedale in 1889. His reminiscences about the early years of this century in the Smythesdale area.


Ballarat and District Hospital Admissions Register Ballarat & District Genealogical Society., 4 fiche, $28.00

Consolidated Index to Ballarat Schools RegistersBallarat & District Genealogical Soc., 17 fiche, 72,000 names, $55.00

Consolidated Index to Ballarat District CemeteriesGSV, 10 fiche, $44.00. 50,000 names taken from registers and/or headstones from the Ballarat district Cemeteries.

Index to Ballarat Rate Assessment Books 1856 - 1864 By R. Huggins & D. Wickham, 11 fiche, $55.00 Alphabetical name index of occupiers and owners, as well as names in the original register order. These records are the 1st rates levied for Ballaarat municipality,. Note: Does not include the Municipality Ballaarat East. Over 14,000 names

Index to Children Attending Schools in Victoria 1863 by Dorothy Wickham, 2 fiche, $11.00. A comprehensive listing of school children in Victoria in 1863 from the Inspectors Report Book VPRS 904 (not all schools are listed). Over 8000 names in alphabetical surname index.

Index to Children in Victorian Institutions, 1860-63 By Helen Harris, $5.50. This index included an alphabetical listing if children in institutions including: Melbourne, Ballarat, Bendigo, Castlemaine, and Geelong.

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